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The following TATC Tennis and Pickleball Club return-to-safe-play recommendations were developed in accordance with guidelines and recommendations from Tennis Canada, the Ontario Tennis Association, the National Capital Tennis Association and the City of Ottawa. The following guidelines are meant to help ensure people remain active subject to strict social distancing and hygiene practices being implemented at the time of opening. Additional information will be communicated throughout the season.

Tennis and Pickleball Courts:
  • All structures/facilities including benches, picnic tables, field houses, washrooms and clubhouses remain closed
  • Access is restricted to players only, no spectators
  • Tennis court lighting will not be turned on until the return to full services
  • Limit congregating with other people when going to and from common areas
  • Caution should be taken around common touch points and proper hand hygiene should be practiced
Tennis and Pickleball Play:
  • Recommend singles play only
  • Only every other court to be used for pickleball play (ie PB court #3 - farthest from gate shall not be used till further notice)
  • Players should not share equipment
  • No lessons, organized programming, camps, tournaments or league play
  • Bring and use your own equipment
Individual actions and Precautions:
  • Players must practice and maintain a 2-meter physical distance from other players at all times while playing, entering and leaving the courts.
  • Bring lots of water, personal hand sanitizer and go to the bathroom before playing. The clubhouse will remain closed.
  • Consider wearing a mask and gloves while playing.
  • Use two cans of balls with distinct markings indicating your balls in order to differentiate them from your opponent.
  • Use your racket or your foot to pick up the balls or send them to your opponent. Serve only with your balls.
  • Do not share equipment, food, drinks and towels with your playing partner.
  • Avoid all physical contact with other players (no shaking hands).
  • If you are alternating sides, cross on opposite ends of the net.
  • Wash your hands before and after play and sanitize all surfaces and equipment.