For the 2022 season, players will require advanced booking to use the courts. Your paid registration will give you booking privileges to the Advanced Booking reservation system found online at Please note that certain times may be blocked out due to club activities such as club doubles, lessons or special events.

Advanced Booking

  1. You can book at <tatennis.skedda.comonce you have booking privileges.
  2. To get booking privileges - you must be a member - please setup a booking account <here>. 
    • After setting up a booking account, you will be sent an email to confirm your email address and to set up a password.
    • You will be activated after we crosscheck against your <Registration 2022> form and payment information.
      • As a courtesy to 2021 members - Booking privileges are extended for a limited time.
  3. You can book one 30 min session per day before heading to the club. You and your partner booking two sessions will give you an hour of play. 
    • You may book up to one day in advance (including the current day)
    • To continue playing after your booked session is complete, just do so if no one else is using the court.
  4. Family members using the same email address (such as children) may use one booking account. Family members using the same email address can book two 30 min session per day to play with their child. If you are not playing with your child, you are limited to one 30 min booked session similar to all other adult members. Do not book an extra 30 min timeslot without your child.
  5. You may continue to play past your timeslot or at a different time during the same day as long as no one else has booked that timeslot.
  6. You may not use another member's name (including family member) to book a court if they are not playing.
  7. Violating these rules or "NO SHOWS" will result in your booking privileges suspended. 

How to book

  1. Log in to <>
  2. Double-click on a time slot that is not reserved (or single click and then click the green "Book" icon at the top of the page). This will bring up the New Booking form
  3. Fill in the optional Booking Title if you wish. You could enter your partner's name. This will be displayed with your booking.
  4. Fill in the names of your partner(s); this is essential for contact tracing.
  5. Enter the key numbers of your partner(s), this is used to verify that they are members.
  6. Finally click the "Confirm booking" icon at the bottom