Playing Partner Finder 2023

Please fill in the TATC partner finder form <click HERE> to be listed on the TATC partner finder spreadsheet. Only members who have filled in this form will be given the link to the spreadsheet. By filling out this form you are giving permission to TATC to share your contact information with registered members of this group. 

Members who have filled in this form will be sent a link via the email you provide on the form with other potential playing partners. This email must match the one provided on your registatration form. There may be a delay of a few days for us to send this link as we validate your membership.

Please indicate your self rating per <Tennis Canada> and/or <USA pickleball> guide or Beginner (1-2), Internediate (3), Advanced (4+).

Please include in the comment section information such as your availability, preference for singles, doubles, games, hitting practice, drilling, competition, socializing, etc

If you would like to be removed from this spreadsheet, please send an email to