Fees & Guests 2023

Fees for 2023 Season

Membership Type 2023 Fee
up to 4 dependents at the same address)
Adult  $100
Senior $75
Junior (17 and under) $35
Key Deposit $20
Guest Fee - payable in advance - see Guest Policy below $5



  • 2023 membership fees are payable preferably by e-transfer
  • If an e-transfer is not possible then please contact info@tatennis.ca for other options
  • Returning Members. Bring your 2022 club key and SAVE $20.00 key deposit.
A Family Membership is limited to 2 adults and up to 4 dependents at the same address. A dependent is a child (17 and under) or a student (18 to 25, with a valid student ID).

Payment by e-transfer preferred - payment information is provided in an acknowledge email after your filled in registration form is accepted.
Fees include both tennis and pickleball.
Guest Policy
  1. Each adult member of the club will be allowed one guest court booking per calendar month.  
  2. The inviting member will be responsible for paying $5.00 per guest to a maximum of three (doubles).  The fee must be paid prior to playing via etransfer in the same manner as the original registration fees.  No other payment methods will be accepted.  Guest courts not prepaid may be erased by administrators.
  3. The e-transfer address is on the booking form where you acknowledge that you are playing with a member or a guest.
  4. To book a guest court, guests should be listed as playing partners on the appropriate field.  Inviting members may use their own key number under "Partner Key Number".
  5. Guest court bookings may be made only on the day they will be used. 
  6. No guests are permitted during open play periods.