By registering online, you will ensure that we have the correct contact information for you and your family.
  1. Review the <TATC Terms>, <2021 Fee Schedule> and <Rules for Safe Play 2021>
  2. Complete the information below and click on the "Submit" button. 
  3. The treasurer will receive a notice and your data will be captured in our Registration file. 
  4. You can pay your membership fee by e-transfer to, if it prompts you for a password (depending on the bank) please use tatennis. Please indicate in the description field of the e-transfer the members this fee covers and your contact information.
  5. If an e-transfer is not possible then please contact for other options.
  6. An electronic receipt will be provded when the e-transfer is processed. Please bring this as proof of membership.
  7. You need to setup for a booking login per the <Advanced Booking> page in order to book a court. Each member should have their own booking account. Children may use the same email address as the adult. You are limited to one 30 min session per day of advanced booking; you may continue to play that day as long as there is a free court.