Programs and Events


Programs and events are a priority for the 2024 season to:


  1. Encourage participation
  2. Help players of all levels up their skills / game
  3. Connect players with each other building friendships on and off the courts




  • A least 3 events - an opening,  closing and a mid season event - scheduled and promoted through the booking system
  • Tournaments based upon demand.  Sample formats - friendly team tournaments and competitive partner tournaments
  • Staggered times for tennis and pickleball play as necessary
  • Registration required
  • Weekend afternoons 




  • Our coaches have various offerings (see our Coaching Page)
  • Tennis after school program will run May to June in conjunction with a local school
  • Additional tennis and pickleball lessons (eg. private, semi-private, and group are available)
  • Additional fees 

Tennis Open Play

  • Looking to meet more tennis players? 
  • Open Play is an opportunity to practice your strokes and engage in game play, just bring along your racquet and some balls 
  • Registration encouraged, courts designated by level when appropriate so everyone is comfortable
  • Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings (skills component if there is interest)




Ladies Tennis

  • Ladies will take to the courts with game play to practice their tennis strokes and strategy 
  • Tuesday evenings 
  • Registration required, designated levels if appropriate

Pickleball Open Play

  • Don’t know many players?  You will after Open Play!
  • Members mix in fun games.  No partner required – just a paddle, a ball, and some energy
  • Registration encouraged, courts may be designated recreational vs competitive so all are comfortable
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday morning
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday evening

Pickleball Clinics

  • Want to sharpen your skills?  Clinics led by a pro are the perfect format to work on specific shots and improve your game
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced level clinics planned based upon interest
  • Registration and additional fee 
  • Run during non-prime time